On-page SEO has become an important part of the internet search engine algorithm as it helps websites to rank highly for particular search queries and increase their traffic through best SEO practices in Singapore.

So as an SEO Agency, you know many factors to consider when creating a website. In this article, it is revealed how Google uses the Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E-A-T) and “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) algorithms to determine whether a website or topic is worth ranking for search engines.

What is Google’s E-A-T Algorithm?

As was just said, the letters E.A.T. in Google’s acronym stand for “expertise,” “authoritativeness,” and “trustworthiness.” Google employs this framework to evaluate individual web pages and the whole of a website. Google analyses these three characteristics to determine how much trust a website deserves.

What is Google’s YMYL Algorithm?

YMYL is related to credibility. This is a quality ranking for “Your Money or Your Life”-related material. Google cares about delivering the most pertinent information to its consumers. YMYL is used to evaluate websites that sell items or give information that might affect the users’ happiness, health, financial security, or safety.

Here Are Some Tips To Boost You On-Page SEO With Google’s EAT & YMYL Algorithms:

Make the most of your bios and the pages that are about us

Make sure that any pieces on your blog that members write of your SEO agency, guest bloggers, or freelance writers have their bio pages and bylines. Be careful to provide facts and details demonstrating the writers’ status as industry leaders or influential figures in their respective fields. Be sure to list all the important knowledge held within your team when writing the About Us section of your company’s website or the team page.

Get Rid of Content That Isn’t Doing Very Well

It is okay to delete an old blog post if it receives few views or comments after it has been up for two years. This underwhelming blog post may be dragging down your website’s total Google rating when determining E-A-T SEO.

Make an effort to get Personal Referrals

The utilisation of personal recommendations is of particular significance for YMYL websites since the perspective of a friend, or family member will create trust in prospective purchasers. Utilising referral programmes in conjunction with referral payments is one strategy that you should think about doing.

It ought to be simple to get in touch with you.

Make it simple for people to reach out to you and ask questions. Calls to action that are straightforward, links and pages that may be used to contact us, click-to-call buttons, and chat facilities are all intelligent methods to boost the confidence that Google places in a website.

Be Efficient and Mobile-Friendly

Sites that are not optimised for mobile devices and do not have the code necessary for quick access (within seven seconds or less) get a ranking penalty in search engines. To assist remain on top of this, industry professionals recommend using responsive website designs and frequent performance testing.


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