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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the fundamental and organic way of increasing traffic on a website which in turn improves visibility inducing business turn around. Well, precisely, search engine optimization helps you make your online presence strong and clear. Your vivid online presence will help you reach out to your target audience organically and methodically.

Why SEO Matters

Getting your website rank on the first page of the Google search is the most essential part of acquiring your prospective customers. Better visibility will always improve the chances of getting potential customers and this is where we can help you with our search engine optimization in Singapore. Your customers may be searching for the products or services that you provide; however, you get unnoticed because of your poor search page ranking. Being one of the top digital marketing companies in Singapore, we have become essential for your business promotion online. We can guarantee you much better visibility and ranking that will kick start the improvement of your business quite considerably.

Our team of experts is equipped to provide with our customized and effective SEO services in Singapore. Our solutions will boost your website rank and help you achieve your business targets successfully. With our solutions to better visibility and higher ranking, we will help you make a better impact on your customers.

Work With The Best SEO Team

We are proud to announce that we are one of the top SEO companies in Singapore. Listed in Tokyo Exchange of Mothers’ Security (2459). We make sure your online reputation is just like how we cared for ours. Once you get to work with us you would understand how different we are from other companies. When your website gets to the first page of Google’s search engine results page you would get more people coming to your website. You would get high quality leads or even increased sales.

How does SEO Benefits Your Business?

When it comes to SEO marketing in Singapore you can rest assured that no one does it better than us at AUN Global Marketing.

We are one of the few front runners in SEO marketing in Singapore and we are proud to present ourselves as the game-changer for your business. Our comprehensive keyword research and content creations along with the best and generic SEO techniques will enable your business to rank on the first page of SERP.

How We Work

At AUN Global Marketing, we take pride and commitment in all our work. We are one of the best Digital Marketing agency that you can trust. Our prestigious clientele includes most of the leading business names in the country and that also includes quite a few global corporations. We are here to help you achieve your desired target and get ahead of your competitors.


Our SEO audit enables you to understand if your web presence is related to best practices. Our step-by-step approach checks every aspect that is important for your online visibility.


Our USP lies in our comprehensive service. We prioritize each of our clients with equal support and service. We take extra measures to help achieve your business promotional targets online.


Tracking and measuring are very essential for executing successful SEO strategies. In this dynamic field of online marketing we make sure that we implement advanced SEO techniques to execute complete success.


We provide detailed SEO reports at regular intervals. This helps you to track the growth and improvement of your website time and again. Our SEO reports always focus on giving your relevant and correct information about the performance of your website.

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services included in the SEO Package?

There are several things that a company can include in its SEO package. However, the best SEO package would include the following–
• Keyword Research
• Website Code Optimization
• Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
• Analytics Setup & Configuration
• Content Creation
• Press Release Management
• Internal Link Building
• Offsite Link Building
• Technical Seo Which Would Include Robots.Txt, Sitemap
• Tag Optimization
• Landing Page Development
• Monthly Custom Report

A purposeful SEO service should also include Monthly Strategy Discussion. Some of the companies provide the clients with the liberty to customize their SEO package as per the requirements.

Why do I need SEO Services?

The present age is the age of competition and digitalization. In the present context of the pandemic, we, the professionals at AUN GLOBAL MARKETING PTE LTD. can say that only those businesses are going to survive which have been able to transform itself accordingly. With clients switching to online purchases of goods and services, it is necessary to stand out from the rest because BUSINESSES HIDE & ULTIMATELY FAINT IF PRESENT IN ANY PAGE OTHER THAN #1 OF SERP.

Why should I Opt for SEO Services?

The ultimate purpose of opting for the SEO services is to ensure your business does not die a silent death. SEO services are always going to be helpful in the propagation and development of the businesses not only in the local area but also nationally and globally, if possible. It is considered to be the backbone of any business and helps a business to be found by people online. It’s the way of telling others (prospective buyers) regarding what you sell.

Why is Local SEO important for my business?

You cannot sell anything if you cannot tell anything. Yes, local SEO stands important because it is the way of providing information to your potential customers regarding what you sell. No matter if you have a website or not, local SEO stands crucial to drive in traffic through online leads. Thus, it forms an incredibly effective way to promote your products and services online to local consumers effectively and efficiently.

Pricing & Billing

What is the minimum contract period for the SEO service?

A successful SEO campaign is said to be a long-term commitment. Therefore, the entire process can’t be completed in just a snap of the finger. Based on the size of your website, onsite SEO can take up around 2-6 months to calibrate your website carefully to the optimum level and to get the perfect SEO results. But the contract period also depends on the details like the present state of a website, its target market, and the target keywords.

What is the billing and payment schedule for SEO services / packages?

For performance-based SEO charging services, there is no initial upfront payment until we achieved your website ranking to Top Page of Search Engine’s results. Upon successful achieving the results, we will issue an invoice on a monthly basis depending on the actual performance. We have fine tuned our billing cycle to make sure that we charge our clients based on the SEO performance we have indicated before we start the project proper.

For retainer-based SEO, we do offer monthly cycle for billing and up to 30-days credit term for payment, otherwise, advance payment is also possible arrangement. Speak to us to find out more today.

How long does it take to see SEO results?

Many SEO firms claim to provide or have provided SEO results in not more than 6 months. However, we, the professionals at AUN GLOBAL MARKETING PTE LTD are very much particular regarding telling you that SEO result is not an overnight job and the result mainly depends on the following three factors–
Ø Competition
Ø Keywords
Ø Ease of Indexing
For the best results, we make a streamlined plan and work accordingly. We do all the possibles to ensure the result is obtained sooner.

How much does SEO cost?

Averagely, the typical cost of the entire SEO project in Singapore may cost up to $24,000 per year or even higher depending on how competitive your industry is. We offer different packages for SEO and include services accordingly based on our clients’ needs. However, at AUN Global Marketing, we usually customize and tailor made our SEO package for our clients, which make us different from other SEO agencies in Singapore. We are also proud to share that we offer performance-based SEO charging service since our establishment since 1998.

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