In this interconnected online world, it is important that customers can easily access information about your products or services sought by them. At times, potential customers may not be able to find the exact information they want to make a purchase decision leading to loss of customers or sometimes an existing customer cannot access desired information leading to dissatisfaction. 

To help you better communicate with your customers and identify missed opportunities or gaps in your content online, a content gap analysis and assistance from SEO consultants in Singapore is highly productive.

Content gap analysis is a process of accessing and evaluating available information about your products or services online and finding the gaps in the available information and checking if the information follows the target audience’s desires. This technique audits your content on websites, blogs, social media, e-books, etc. and mapping the content following customer needs.

Various Singapore SEO consultants conduct content gap analysis as part of their SEO package and list missing aspects in the current data.

Reasons to conduct a content gap analysis.

While the primary reason to conduct a content gap analysis is to add more customer-relevant content depending on the customer needs at every stage, this analysis also helps you identify your position concerning your competitors in terms of online content.

Once the content gap analysis is complete, you are better placed to effectively communicate with potential customers. You get to understand whether the content you have put up online can identify all customer questions throughout their buying process journey.

In addition to adding customer-relevant information, content gap analysis also helps you enhance your SEO by helping you identify missed keywords or add more relevant keywords necessary for getting your content to rank higher on search engines. Once a preliminary website and content are uploaded, SEO consultants in Singapore heavily rely on content gap analysis to identify gaps in the content and modify the content. This gap analysis can help you understand what keywords your competitors are focused on and enables you to incorporate such keywords so that your content gets more traffic.

How to Do Content Gap Analysis?

While the process of content gap analysis varies depending on the products or services, here are the significant steps are generally undertaken in a content gap analysis:

1. Identify the goals

Jot down the objectives for undertaking this exercise. The goals can be anything right from improving customer information, improving your SEO ranking or bringing the targeted audience to your content.

2. Understand the target audience

You need to be clear about which audience you are performing the content gap analysis for. Build customer profiles of the audience you wish to target and map the entire journey of their buying behaviour right from need identification to actual completion of a transaction. 

Through the typical customer journey of awareness, consideration, comparison, purchase, advocacy, identify the pain points a typical customer is likely to face and map down information that they require and which is missing. Remember, you need to think from a customer point of view.

3. Content Audit and Match

Understand the performance of your current content and other SEO techniques with the help of SEO consultants in Singapore to understand the tactic you are currently using and matching it based on your customer needs and requirements identified in step 2.

4. Analyze Competitor content

Look at what your competitors are writing on their web pages, blogs, social media and identify whether you are missing anything important in your content. This helps you determine whether there is any gap in your content and helps fix your content accordingly.