Hitting Google Penalties can be one of the worst nightmares for any business. It can have a tremendous impact on google ranking, organic traffic, reach, brand image, and much more. It can flatten the traffic curve of your brand and hamper your online presence. 

A professional digital expert offering SEO services in Singapore can provide optimum guidance and plan to protect your website from further penalties as well as improve the online presence. 

Here Are Some Simple Seo Practices That Can Protect Your Website From Google Penalties:

  • Fight Negative SEO: 

Negative SEO on your site can hamper your SEO efforts and may not result in the desired outcome. Competitors usually use negative SEO as a tactic to impact your reach. It can also get you penalized by linking many spammy sites to your webpage. 

Google may think your website is of low quality if it notices several spammy sites linked to your website. It can also affect your search engine rankings. If your website is perceived as low quality then, no matter how high your ranking on the search page, spam links can increase the risk of penalty. Most of the SEO service providers in Singapore understand this concern and come up with great ideas to cater to such issues. 

Optimize your website and web pages by disavowing spam links to fight negative SEO and reduce the chances of Google penalties. 

  • Offer rich, useful, and unique content: 

A relevant, unique, and precise content can be one of the greatest assets. It can not only interact and engage with your audience but can also provide an elating experience to the visitor. 

Google follows some parameters to tag content thin and irrelevant, These parameters include automatically generated content, thin affiliate pages, guest blogs, low-quality content, doorway pages, and much more. 

  • Don’t target specific anchor texts: 

Anchor texts are the phrases or words that one can use to link to the site. The anchor text of the link is a vital metric that provides considerable information about a link to Google. Consciously using anchor text, phrases and words can help you to rank your brand/website high and get the optimum exposure. 

  • Diversify Your Backlink Portfolio: 

One must think of your backlink as a stock portfolio. It is essential to strike a perfect balance and diversify your funds (Links) strategically. To make your backlink portfolio look natural, diversify and use the best combination of online tools such as blogs, comments, quora, articles, web pages, social media to link your portfolio and create healthy backlinks. 

  • Quality Over Quantity: 

Low-quality backlinks can lead to Google Penalties. Quality link building is a tedious and time-consuming process. It requires lots of attention to detail and careful planning. When it comes to backlinks, always go for quality over quantity. Expert SEO services in Singapore can help in gaining more quality backlinks over waste links for your website. 

  • Eliminate Outbound Spam Links: 

Maintain your blogs, articles, and communications to eliminate outbound spam links and continually moderate the same. Spam links can lead to Google Penalties.

  • Stay Clear of Deceptive On-Page Tactics: 

Avoid deceptive on-page tactics such as hidden text, redirecting automatically, breaking the browser back button, and much more. Focus on providing an enhanced and user-friendly experience to the visitors. 


Wrapping Up!

Follow the above-mentioned points to understand the reasons behind the Google Penalties, analyze your mistakes and take corrective steps to reduce the same. Hire the best and professional SEO services agency in Singapore to help in the good ranking of the website without penalising.