Working as a digital marker comes with many responsibilities. It is essential to be aware that one of the three most critical factors Google considers when determining where to rank a website in link development. The language used to explain linkages is as significant as the ties themselves. These phrases are known as anchor texts or anchors in SEO, and Google places a high value on them.

Improve your website’s SEO by optimizing your anchor texts

  • Defining Anchor Texts

It is essential to understand the anchor texts before going into the specifics. Let’s discuss what an anchor is and how it differs. An anchor is a term that can be seen and clicked on to navigate from one web page to the next. In other words, it’s a piece of text that connects two different web locations. Now that we know what an anchor text is and how it can be changed let us look at ways to make your anchors work better.

  • Using too Many Exact Match Anchors 

Google uses anchor text to comprehend better what a link is about than the metadata on the page. Crawlers use anchor texts to look at the content to see if it can be indexed. As a result, they accounted for a significant portion of SEO rankings.

  • Use Words That Are Relevant And On Point

Use exact match words with caution, and make sure your anchor is relevant to the content and topic it links to. Google uses anchors to determine what the web pages on both ends are about and how significant they are for them to be ranked correctly in keyword searches.

  • Pay Attention to the Language Around the Anchors

When it comes to relevance, pay attention to the language around your anchors. Google cares about how its users feel, so the BERT update was created. This technology uses natural language processing to determine the meaning of a keyword by examining the word or words immediately preceding and following it.

  • Avoid Anchor Texts With many keywords when adding internal Links

Internal links should not have a keyword of heavy anchors. Google is aware that you have complete control over how your content is linked to. Therefore, if you use exact match anchors, Google might think you are trying to trick their system and punish you.

  • Incorporate Different Types of Anchors

It is good to spread out the different types of anchor text evenly. Singapore SEO consultants stress that you shouldn’t have too many anchors with keywords, exact matches, or random words.

If you use professional SEO services in Singapore, you won’t miss any critical changes to your anchor text SEO. With these tips, you can build a strong anchor text strategy that will boost your SEO and stand up to changes in the future.