Learning how competitors have fared against Google’s algorithm is a good start when a business is looking to improve its SEO rankings, but it’s also important to avoid the words “big money”.

Ranking on Google SERP is not an easy task. It takes months to rank when following all search engine optimization algorithms. Ranking through an organic method is a time-consuming process as it depends on the type of industry and the competition level it possesses. The best SEO agency in Singapore is well versed with all the latest updates and algorithms that will help in ranking better. 

It must be noted that Google is completely against Black Hat SEO techniques and some major niches like insurance, credit cards, loans and Casinos use such negative techniques to rank faster. 

If we talk about major Search engines, Google always ranks at the top of the list. It is the most used and trustworthy search engine by people around the globe. Google keeps on adapting to new changes and updating its algorithms to provide its customers with fruitful and trusted information. Hire a company that offers the best SEO in Singapore and is well versed with all the algorithms. 

The guide below provides important tips when trying to rank in the most penalised and unstable Google search results.

  • Choose a good domain

A domain name is the brand name of your company. It is a fact that when you want to rank on Google, it may take into consideration your domain name. Get in touch with the best SEO experts in Singapore that can help in choosing a perfect domain name. 

  • Analysis of strong competitors

Competitors are a good initial point for any SEO professional. Those that occupy the first two pages of Google search results will give you an idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t.

SEO can then not only mimic the right practices for the said industry but also see who is potentially ranked in search rankings and most affected by algorithm updates and penalties.

  • Be careful with link anchor text

Optimizers should ideally be careful when choosing link anchor text. As a general rule, no legitimate site will offer hyperlinks to ‘car insurance’ or ‘best casinos’. Instead, SEOs should look for hyperlinks to phrases such as “find more information here” or “check your eligibility”.

The use of synonyms can also be helpful when considering which phrases to refer to. Paraphrasing is also a popular technique used by SEO agencies in Singapore – instead of ‘auto insurance policies, try ‘insurance for your car’.

Patience is the key to success

While careful methods will take several months to make an impact, firms can rest assured that you will maintain good quality ratings and traffic and avoid future fines. The SEO agency in Singapore keeps a close eye on competitors and avoids the overuse of big keywords in their content and links should do well!