Local SEO performance is highly dependent on optimising your Google My Business profile. Here are seven main factors to consider to improve your local presence in Singapore. Google has almost dominated the online world. Google is now the most viewed site in the world. There are numerous advantages to having a Google Business page, whether you are a local provider in Singapore or an e-commerce site.


  • Make it simple for customers to submit feedback.

One of the most effective strategies to boost your GMB profile is through reviews. They are free yet do a lot to increase your company’s visibility to organic searches. People looking for services in their area will be more inclined to trust your company if they notice you have 10 to 20 four-to-five-star reviews. The best SEO agency in Singapore understands the importance of reviews and allows your brand to receive genuine reviews.


  • It’s a good idea to include it in your direct mail marketing plan.

You could direct leads and customers to your digital portals using your offline marketing approach. Promotional marketing collateral should have a QR code. For example, you could email clients a leave-behind receipt with the QR code, a telephone number if they have any questions, and care guidelines or a how-to-use manual for the goods they purchased.


  • Avoid Spammy Tactics

Google is undoubtedly clever enough nowadays to detect attempts to exploit the system. Prospective consumers will trust genuine, sincere comments. Reviewers can spot fraudulent reviews and will designate your website as untrustworthy. The mark will cause a popup to appear when people arrive on one of your web pages, alerting them not to trust your website.


  • Use Google Photos

The Singapore SEO approach to marketing your business to maximise traffic is not to upload as many pictures as possible but to put photos of your actual company. Metadata and geolocation data are incorporated in all photographs. Take and publish images geotagged with your company locations to gain a competitive edge, making effective SEO in Singapore.


  • Use Google Posts

More information about your company, such as articles, promotional deals, or occasions, informs Google that your company is still active. Google has given companies that routinely provide details about their products, services, founders, teams, and events a higher ranking.


  • Direction Requests

The more users who contact and ask for directions to your company, the more Google believes your company provides high-quality services or products. Seeking navigation to your firm is normal, and your staff can do it even if they are acquainted with how to get there.


  • Accurate and Complete Information

The more details you could provide about your company, such as its location, email address, working hours, photos, and goods, the better Google will comprehend how to position your business in results pages. If your contact information differs from that on your web page or no hours mentioned, Google would not automatically prioritise your listing.

The commitment Google is making into its new GMB facilities shows that the SEO giant encourages you to strengthen your company’s local presence.

Having a solid GMB existence will encourage local customers to find you, and motivating those customers to submit great reviews will bring in even more consumers. You could also hire an SEO agency in Singapore to help you with boosting your local presence online.