Many people don’t know that SEO is crucial for any website. It determines how many visitors you will get from search engines like Google. For this reason, you need to adopt successful SEO strategies for success. The SEO agency Singapore is the best in this task.

They have listed many websites on Google. You can follow their advice to make a solid SEO strategy. Here are some SEO myths they have debunked in the year 2021. Due to their years of experience, many people consider them the best SEO expert in Singapore.

  • Category + product pages = impossible

Many people don’t build links in category and product pages. They believe that links in these pages are useless. It is a false myth circulating in the SEO industry for years. The SEO agency Singapore has proven that links from these pages are valuable. Ignoring them can be costly for your website in the long run.

  • Top-tier news sites only give Nofollow links

You would be surprised to know that there is some truth to this myth. Almost half of the news sites online give Nofollow links. It means you can get Dofollow links from the other half. If you care about link building, then don’t waste this opportunity.

  • Relevancy isn’t king

This SEO myth is baseless and it can cause damage to the SEO rank of your site if you follow it. Relevancy matters a lot to the search engine. Therefore, search engines like Google always check the content relevancy of any link. The SEO agency Singapore always gives propriety to this aspect.

  • Backlinks Are a ‘Top’ Google Ranking Factor

Although backlinks are a major factor, it is not the only one. Before giving rank to any website, Google checks many other factors. For example, good contents always get the priority in ranking. For this reason, invest some time in good content making.

  • Link Quality Can Be Defined by DA or PA

Search engine like Google has their internal parameter to measure the quality of links. So, you can never estimate the quality of any link by DA or PA. According to the SEO agency Singapore, doing this type of measurement is just a waste of time.

  • Building Links To Promotional Pages

It is a fact that promotional pages become irrelevant in a few days. As a result, no one shows interest in these pages after a while. So, spending your precious time building links on these pages does not make any sense.

  • The 500 Word Guest Post

These days, Google does not value guest post links. So, Dofollow links from guest posts won’t improve the SEO rank of your website. Instead of writing guest posts, you can promote your website links to reputed blogs. The SEO agency Singapore can help you with this task.

Link Building is indeed necessary to get a good SEO rank. But there is more to it besides link building. If you want to get a good rank in the search result, then take help from the SEO agency Singapore.