Have you ever had a question about why some channels on YouTube always go viral with their content regularly and get a million views in a short time? 

This is because they know how youtube actually works and use it properly for people to find their content easily and quickly. 

What is a YouTube Keyword? How does it help you drive traffic to your video?

Like any other keyword we use, YouTube keywords are also the same. It’s a single phrase or word that describes what a particular video is about. You need to choose the right keyword to be easy for the people searching for the precise information to find the video. The SEO service in Singapore can help in good keyword research and allow your videos to rank better. 

Youtube Auto-suggest: 

YouTube has a feature called autocomplete. This feature suggests only popular keywords. Whenever you type a keyword related to your niche, you will receive a list of suggestions related to the term.

For example, if you type “best restaurants in Singapore”, you get suggestions like restaurants in your area and top-rated restaurants.

Use Keyword Tool

Instead of searching manually, if you search keywords with the help of a tool, it is best to check out various keyword tools that are available online. It helps identify hundreds of autocomplete suggestions for Google, YouTube and other search engines. Now that you know what the platform is providing you, it is time to use a YouTube keyword research tool before finalising your primary and secondary keywords. 

There are various ways to use these tools, which defends which tool you have chosen, but the major point is that you need to choose the words and phrases that closely relate to your topic.

Choose those which have a higher rate of views or subscribers. The best Seo services can help in effective keywords research and boost organic traffic. 

Check out the Competition

Once you have decided about the topic you are going to post, check out how it is explained or post by others on YouTube, watch a few of the videos with high views and subscribers. 

What keywords are they using? Are there any that surprise you? 

Study your competitors’ strategies and find new keywords.

  • Choose the keywords that can drive massive traffic and high views into your video.
  • Search for “keywords” (using CTRL+F shortcut) to find out the video tags of your competitors. 
  • You can install Chrome Plugins.

According to various studies, using keywords in video tags helps you to rank well on YouTube. 

Select a Topic  

  • Selecting a topic is the first and crucial step for finding the perfect keywords for your video content on YouTube.
  • While selecting a topic before proper research might seem challenging, the main aim is to have a topic to start your research.
  • Create a topic that your audience wants to learn about and also keep it broad.
  • Have an idea about what you actually want to post about.

Install Chrome plugins for Competitive Research

YouTube keyword research is similar to brick-and-mortar keyword research. In both cases, your competition is an important resource for finding the right keyword to target the people.

If a competitor’s video is ranking, then it is clear they are aware of all the tactics to attract the customers through proper keyword search. They have analysed and chose the tags, titles, thumbnails, and keywords that would be helpful to attract clicks and, in turn, get the algorithm gods to smile on them.

Check out google search results.

  • If you are on YouTube keyword research, choose the keywords that Google shows on the video results page so that your video could get more views and you rank on Google as well.
  • According to various researches, Google ranks the videos with keywords like “how-to” and “Tutorials”.
  • For example, when you search for a concept or learn a language, you get results for the following.

Hire a professional Seo service provider in Singapore to help better rank your videos on Youtube and gain more subscribers and views.