As a result, as your consumers shop freely across all of your platforms, your whole database – customer information, preferences, and so on – is being updated. One of the advantages of hiring a professional Seo Company in Singapore is that you can track almost every aspect of your campaign. Google Analytics will give you the necessary data on your website’s performance, so you get desired SEO results.

  • Organic Traffic

Let us start with the most apparent. Organic traffic is traffic obtained from search engine results pages (SERPs) without paying for ad placement. Your total traffic may come from various sources, and focusing on organic traffic demonstrates your website’s presence in search of terms relevant to your company and speciality. Therefore, if your SEO approach is effective, the number of visits you get from search results should gradually increase.

  • Core Web Vitals

Google increasingly emphasises rewarding websites that offer a pleasant user experience (UX) with better ranks, and how well your page load is important to UX.

Traditional performance indicators like load time concentrate on aspects that are simple to monitor but do not always transfer well to what consumers care about. Therefore, if you concentrate on improving your average page load time, you may end up with a website that still provides a bad user experience. The best SEO agency in Singapore are well versed with the core web vital updates. 

  • Total Clicks

The goal of the best SEO Company in Singapore is to increase Google traffic. In addition, what’s the best method to see how much traffic Google sends your way? In the Google Search Console, look for Total Clicks. There is also a lot of other useful stuff here. Like first impressions. As well as the average CTR. These, however, are not nearly as significant as overall clicks. Total clicks should be your SEO north star, in my opinion. 

  • Organic Bounce Rate

The bounce rate indicates how many visitors bounced away from your site after seeing one page. It is expressed as a percentage of visits, with a lower number being preferable. If you see a high bounce rate, it may indicate that you need to perform some on-site effort to keep visitors coming back. For example, in the right-hand sidebar, you might display links to similar articles or other things of interest.

  • Pages per Session

As the name implies, exit pages are the final pages that visitors see before leaving your website. Your top exit pages are the ones that cause visitors to abandon your website and go elsewhere. It is critical to monitor your top departure pages. If you see that a significant portion of your traffic departs after visiting a particular page, this may indicate that the page or its content needs improvement.

  • Average Page Load Time

An essential on-site user engagement measure, Pages per session, indicates the average number of pages your visitors view before leaving your site. The higher this statistic, the better, since visitors view numerous pages and stay for a longer period.

  • Page Load Time on Average

The speed of your website is an important SEO ranking element that may make or break your rankings and user experience. The average page load time is the amount of time it takes to show all the information on a page. This statistic may be found under “Behavior” > “Site Speed.” You may then see your average load time for all pages or specific page timings when working with an experienced Seo company in Singapore.  

Look for a professional and trusted SEO Company in Singapore to boost your organic traffic and enhance your online branding.