Generally, people spend a big part of their day having their eyes on the mobile screen. They may do nothing productive, but mostly when they need something online, they look out for it on their phones first. So, even if your site is well optimized for laptops, it’s of no use if the same is not done for mobile devices. So it’s important to boost the visibility of your site on smartphones through the best SEO company in Singapore. If just some of the best mobile SEO practices get implemented, your website will be rocking on Google searches. So what are those practices? Go ahead and find out.

  • Confirm That Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Being mobile-friendly is a basic requirement for any website. Google offers a free in-house tool where you can check if your site is mobile-friendly or not. You just have to paste the URL of your site and it will let you know. A Seo agency in Singapore will allow your website to be completely mobile-friendly. 

  • Improve Your Site Speed

Various sites are there to help you know your website’s speed. Poor speed can negatively affect your Google ranking. So what you can do is use simple methods to improve it. Try caching, compressing image size, minimize unnecessary CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files, etc. If your website gets a good number of visitors per month and you can increase your budget, upgrade to better web hosting to boost your website speed. The website speed can negatively affect SEO and organic ranking! 

  • Screen resolution sizing

Different mobile devices come with different resolutions. Various tools are available to check how your website works on different resolutions. Screen resolution sizing will make sure that your users find it easy to navigate through pages on your website no matter which mobile device they are using.

  • Using canonical tags in mobile sites

Using canonical tags is the next SEO practice you must try. It resolves the duplication problem that occurs when a page is a copy of another. So, when there exist different URLs for mobile and desktop content, canonical tags will be a great help. It is best to hire an SEO company in Singapore for the methods to get properly done.

  • Be careful of pop-ups

You might be using pop-ups to grab user’s attention like other owners do. But, if these pop-ups are very frequent, cover the whole screen, and difficult to get rid of, the visitor might get annoyed and leave the website. So, make sure the pop-ups are well optimized too.

  • Implement a clean, easy-to-use navigation bar

If it’s too complicated for your users to navigate through pages, they will eventually get irritated and leave. So, make sure that accessing the intended thing is easier for them. You can use the popular hamburger menu like many other websites do in which three lines appear on the top corner of the screen with options to access different pages.

  • Focus on the user experience

At last, remember to focus more on user experience cause it is the only way to know what’s lacking on your website. A website with a responsive design is what every mobile user gets attracted to, so make sure you own it.

As a website owner, you have a lot of things to manage. So, let a reliable SEO company in Singapore do the rest for you.