Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fast-paced marketing technique that changes with time. It is all about making your website easy to search and understand. It is quite an importance for digital marketers as it allows your website to appear in the search results when someone does related searches. As new websites are launching, the competition is increasing rapidly. Now it’s time to think of content marketing strategies and investing in SEO.


Whether you are a business owner or an expert, this article will completely update you about SEO Marketing Trends in 2020.


  • Voice Search Engine Optimization- The Dominance 

With the growing usage of mobile phones, voice searching is becoming a popular trend these days. Not only the mobile phones perform these searches, but also the home voice assistants like Smart TV, Amazon Echo, etc. are designed for the same. Optimizing your website for voice search will help you generate more audience for your website.

More than 50% of internet searches initiate through voice. Hence, we can say that this change from text to voice search is quite imminent. Therefore, to stand out in the search engines, your content should adapt to this trend.


  • Content-based on E.A.T. Principle

E.A.T. refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Google takes care of the reputation of given companies and individuals who publish the content on behalf of their company. The content based on the E.A.T. principle will get a higher rank in searches. 

‘Expertise’ means the content has to be written by an expert content writer. ‘Authority’ means the website should have some authority on the content’s subject. ‘Trustworthiness’ means the content should have information from trusted sites. The best and professional SEO expert agency in Singapore follow this principle for better results.

Google removes out of the context search results, so focus on creating such content that answers the user’s query accurately. The E.A.T. principle also keeps in mind that the website and the creator must have a positive reputation. 


  • Featured Snippets

Google has been evolving in recent years with features like Snippets to deliver the users better search experience. The featured snippet appears above the first search result in the search engine. To take proper advantage of this feature, you have to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions by users on your website. Google boosts the featured snippets on the top after evaluation as the way of determination.

Even if you’re not ranked number 1, still you could generate more audiences towards your content through featured snippets. If you wish to learn this feature, you can find an SEO expert in Singapore as they provide the best SEO services.  

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  • Mobile-driven SEO Strategies

More than 80% of the total internet users use mobile phones. That means that your content has to be optimized for mobile to get far on search engine results. Desktop optimization has now become an old school thought. The Mobile version of different websites is leading the way. 

2020 is all about mobile-driven SEO strategies. Google has switched its priorities after the introduction of the Mobile-First Index, which means Google uses the mobile version of a website for ranking and indexing purposes. If your content or website doesn’t look good in the mobile version, you might lose the rankings.


  • SERP Marketing

The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) have evolved in the last few years. You can see the ‘People also ask’ column; the percentage of advertisements has increased, and a new video carousel is included in the search engine. All these features have decreased the share of coherent clicks.

Zero-click searches are going up too; you no longer have to open the webpage to look for the result. This consolidation of SERP has made the SEO even tougher. You can always refer to the best SEO agency in Singapore for guidance.



2020 is the year of stiff competition when it comes to SEO. It is quite difficult to earn an appropriate amount of audience from Google for the site owners. But the trends given above will surely help you get an edge. SEO experts in Singapore provide you with all the guidance and reference for the SEO. You can also strategize by referring to good SEO marketing and get ahead of all the competition.


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