These days Google and other search engines consider strict rules to keep the audience intact and provide the advanced and optimum level of information. In this SEO-based world, we avoid doing various things and talk about things that are not beneficial for the website and SEO strategy. And spam is something that can brutally harm our website ranking and traffic-driven approach.
Many website owners are not intentionally doing spamming practices. But their websites get caught in spam in one or another way. And website owners get surprised as to why their website is not ranking correctly and adequately. However, if you want to protect your website from spam, read this blog until the end. An SEO expert in Singapore suggests these given practices.

What is spam?

The best SEO company in Singapore defines spam as the process of altering the search engine ranking with dishonest practices. Many people do spamming just to boost their website or negatively impact the competitor’s website. Spam comes in various forms that are discussed below in the blog.

Types of spam

Search spam

Search spam is the kind of spam which various SEO specialists in Singapore use to change the ranking of the competitor website. This spam aims at putting the minimum effort and yielding high rewards. This spam can also be used to boost the spam user’s website’s ranking above its competitors.

Traffic spam

Traffic spam is one of two things that aren’t mutually exclusive. Firstly traffic spam is related to link spam, where you can receive the link from the wrong website and hurt your site.

Link spam

Link spam is the type of spam which various website owners try to do with their competitors. It includes spamming with the deceptive link and negatively impacting your website.

Email spam

Email spam is a type of spam that involves damaging your reputation in the online world with fake signups but using real addresses. That’s why SEO service Singapore suggests that if you do not recognise the mail address, but the email directly to the spam folder.

Website spam protection

If you follow the above practices with the name of spam, you are free from dangers. But for stopping the boats from attacking your website, you need to use their CAPTCHA for verifying the signups to your website. This is free of cost and very convenient for the user.

These are the top 5 practices you should implement in your website to protect it from spam. All of the above practices are suggested by SEO experts in Singapore. You may consider all if you want your website to stay protected.

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