What is a 301 Redirect?

To let the user know the status of your website, the server sends a status code to the user, to let them know that you have redirected your page. 301 is a status code that is displayed to the user when redirecting your website over a browser. Professional SEO Consultants in Singapore have been delivering a huge spectrum of users with precise redirecting methods and implementations for better results. A 301 redirect code works like a mail forwarder informing the user that the page or URL has been moved from that particular place.

Redirect is a two-way protocol that sends the user and the search engine to a different URL. The new URL is not the one they requested but the one where they wish to reach. 

When to use a 301 Redirect?

Removing and eradicating pages from your website requires an adequate amount of redirecting to ensure that your website is not a dead-end. The same procedure is required when you either modify your URL page or the domain name. It’s like a simplified methodology to express that the thing one is searching over your URL or website is not present at that place and this is the new place you should go for. To contemplate the better services to your website visitors it becomes crucial to redirect them to the correct link or website.

A 301 Redirect is used when the web-page or URL is moved from the original page to a new one. The use of 301 Redirect is for permanent movement of the URL, and thus, is significant for SEO optimization.

How to use a 301 Redirect?

The rigid process of implementing 301 Redirect varies from domain to domain. It’s not modest to discuss each type which bounds Singapore SEO consultants to guide you through WordPress. Although the enactment of 301 Redirect is distinct for diverse CMS domains.

  • Apply redirect by using the server: 

It’s a decent option to go for server redirect despite relying on WordPress for the same. The use of a server is a nice way to execute your redirect speedily and technically. WordPress furnishes you with a lot of plugins to access the functionality of 301 Redirect.

  • Redirecting bus using a free WordPress plugin: 

It is always not susceptible to Redirect your website through the server due to altering reasons. In such a case, it is better to go for a WordPress plugin to implement a 301 Redirect. Although the optimality is reduced in this case but can be used to execute your 301 Redirect implementation. The plugins have sluggish integrity and you are bound to rely on the Third-party code to proceed further in the operation.


Irrespective of either of the methods you use, if you aspire to execute a better redirect to your strategy, working with SEO consultants in Singapore will be a generous selection. Using any of the above-mentioned methods you are bound to lag behind either in terms of server, software or plugins and this is where the role of consultants comes into execution.